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Tokyo Dining City


From the Japanese eras of Meiji, Taisho and through showa in all regions of the country there has been the culture of the food hall. Locally sourced fresh fish, grilled fish, tonkatsu fried pork cutlets, kara-age fried chicked grilled vegetables, etc have been staples of our cuisine that mixes Japanese, Chinese and European tastes. There’s also, of course, fried rice, curry & rice, Omelette& rice, domburi rice bowls, ramen,udon and soba noodles. Nothing too exciting just the good, hearty foods everyone knows and loves. Our dream is to take this food hall culture of Japan and share it with the Yangon people.

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  • Food count service


  • Japanese style menu and some kind of menu are Japanese- European taste
  • Bar style counter
  • Japanese culture
  • Premium hall